Introducing Elegant Longines Couple Watches UK As Christmas Presents For Sweet Lovers

Christmas Day is coming soon. Today I will recommend a couples of delicate fake Longines watches for sweet lovers. The two models I recommend are not belonging t the same collection. The men’s model is from the Master family while the model for women is from the Grande Classique family.

The blue hands are in contrast to the silver dial, ensuring the great legibility.
Longines Master Copy With Silver Dial

Longines Master copy watch with stainless steel case features a silver dial adorned with barleycorn pattern which could be considered as the iconic feature of Longines. It presents the changes of moon phase via the disc at 6 o’clock. The automatic movement performs precisely and reliably. Let the graceful Longines accompany each moment in your future life.

The integrated design of this Longines is elegant and simple.
Diamonds Paved Bezel Copy Longines

24 mm imitation watch has been designed to be very small and exquisite, which will enhance the charm of the wearers excellently. The slender and fluent lines are the distinctive character of the charming timepiece. Matt white dial interprets the purity of winter, meanwhile the shiny diamonds add a feminine touch to the model.

Replica Longines Heritage Avigation Watch UK Type A-7 U.S.A Salutes To Brand’s Relationship With Aviation

As everyone knows, Longines attaches much more importance on its heritage and it has already released several pieces of Heritage models to pay tribute to its profound history. This time it launched a Avigation Watch Type A-7 U.S.A. Limited Edition chronograph which would be only sold in America. Inspired by the models that designed especially for US military in 1935, the dial of the new vintage Longines fake watch sports a distinctive look with a unique oblique dial.

The brown hour markers are striking on the black toned dial.
Self-Winding Mechanical Movement Copy Longines Watch

The most special feature of this watch is the sloping dial – precisely the dial is rotated 40 degrees clockwise, which allows the air force pilots to read the time easily when held the aircraft control joystick, not only raising efficiency, but also reducing the risk of accidents. All the functions of Longines Heritage copy watch with matt black dial could be operated through the crown at 12 o’clock.

The integrated design of this timepiece is vintage and elegant.
Stainless Steel Case Replica Longines Heritage

Adorned with the brown-yellow Arabic numerals hour markers, the dial of the 44 mm knockoff watch is full of the retro sense. Meanwhile, the black strap with antique finish adds the vintage touch to the model.

GPS In 1930s – UK Longines Heritage Lindbergh Hour Angle Replica Watch With White Dial

The Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle I will introduce today is not practical any more nowadays. The strange numbers and scales on the dial have inference reading. However, it still has been favored by numerous watch collectors. In 2015, a Lindbergh Hour Angle watch created in 1930s was auctioned by a price of 143,000 Swiss Francs which has perfectly embodied the profound glamour of its background history story.

The complex numbers on the dial are not practical nowadays, however, it is really useful for pilots at that time.
Stainless Steel Case Replica Longines Watch

Longines Lindbergh Hour Angle was designed by Charles A. Lindbergh, the famous American pilot and Longines manufactured it. The first timepiece was born in 1931. The 47 mm fake Longines Heritage watch I introduce today has perfectly interpreted the essence of the original model. With the iconic onion-shaped crown, the appearance of this Longines excellently exudes the style of pilot watch.

You will see the commemorative inscription engraved on its back when you open it.
Manual-Winding Movement Knockoff Longines

The heart of this brown leather strap copy Longines is calibre L699 that is developed on basis of ETA A07.111. When the case was open, you will see the commemorative inscription engraved on its back. At that, this watch could help the wearers to quickly gain the information of location, however, a Google map will help you know the current location information. This Heritage version has been created to promote its contribution in the history of flight and of course it has been favored by many watch lovers.

The Watch Collector Found The Existing Oldest Longines Replica Watch UK

Longines watches collector has found an antique pocket watch with the number of 183 recently. The precious copy Longines pocket watch was created in 1867, which has been the oldest watch belonging to the brand so far.

The integrated design of this antique Longines is simple and elegant.
White Dial Longines Knockoff Watch

Longines pays tribute to the long history of watchmaking and discovers the inspiration by creating museums, keeping custody of historical archives, carefully organizing the craftsmanship of watchmakers, and launching historical Heritage watches. Longines prides itself on cherishing tradition and actively explores the historical models of the brand’s early days.

The oldest Longines has been preserved excellently and it could works well now.
Silver Replica Longines Pocket Watch

The Longines fake watch with manual-winding mechanical movement still works well, which leaves deep impression on the watchmaking experts.

It Maybe The Best Choice Of Annual Calendar Watch – UK Longines Master Replica With Silver Dial

  • Annual Calendar

The Longines Master fake watch with steel case I will talk about today has been evaluated as the annual calendar watch with the extraordinary cost performance. It presents the honest and reliable watchmaking attitude of the brand, while from the name of this watch we will know that the month and date can be automatically identified the alternating difference between the 30-day month or the 31-day month to display.

The blue hands and black hour markers are striking on the silver dial.
40 MM Longines Master Knockoff Watches
  • The Movement

Through the transparent caseback we could view the movement of this timepiece which is created on basis of ETA A31.L81, providing a power reserve of 64 hours.The decoration on this movement is fascinating.

The movement could be viewed through the transparent caseback.
Automatic Movement Longines Master Imitation
  • The Dial

The integrated design of Longines knockoff with brown leather strap has maintained the iconic features of the Master collection. The elements to decorate the dial are very simple. The simplicity and elegance leave a good impression on the watch lovers.